The Rules

1. It is MY blog and Mine alone I make the rules I can say what I Fucking want and Feel and i have had enough Shit from Family to last a LIFETIME.
2. If you don’t like it, Fucking Leave. No negotiations.
3. I can Say and Do whatever the Hell I like on MY Blog.
4. ALL those that Comment must adhere to The Rules or they will be Removed or Banned.
5. Any Negativity towards Me will be Removed
6. Advertising is not allowed unless Instigated by Me.
7. Anything else I decide here goes for my Blog it is my Choice to talk about my Life, Experiences and Interests.
8. There will be only ONE warning. If you persist on being a Twat, I will remove you, NO negotiations.
9. Do EVERYONE here a favor and spell your words properly if you are here to Troll my Blog and you are ignorantly posting Offal like “ I R 2 stuped 2 spel rite but I R Trolling U 4 tha Shit ov it and U Kneed Jeezuuus“


10. This Blog has Explicit Language IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT FUCKING LEAVE I will not censor myself for your comfort and Ignorance.
11. This Blog is LGBT Friendly DO NOT use derogatory terms IE Fag on my Blog if this kind of trash is posted you will find yourself removed and Banned NO negotiations.
12. I am Pagan and have found my Gods I do not want or need yours do not Evangelize on my Blog I am not wanting to go to your Church and worship your god.
13. I am a Hardcore Feminist do not tell me I need to tone it down or get a man or to grow up, I can build my own Home and pay my own Bills and take care of myself I have been self sufficient since my Teens.


14. Use proper Grammar in example the lovely little illustration provided for you here.


***Important – anyone who trolls this blog with hateful messages about Narcissistic Personality Disorder Survivors, Depression, Paganism, how I am going to Hell or My Life Story will have those comments, along with their IP addresses, email addresses and any other details published in a public page.***

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