The Godswood

The Sept


cleopatra angelina_joli
Athena My Deity/Goddess
I know she was playing Cleopatra but when I picture Athena I always see Her she is my Representation of Athena


Once one realizes that magick works, and that it works based on scientific factors, the next step is to hone one’s skill to reach repetitive success. What makes magick so interesting is that because we are individuals, the combination that unlocks the door to success will vary from person to person, yet the main thrust of the work operates on a specific set of scientific formulas that our scientists are only now beginning to fathom. The mystery, then, lies within each of us.

SILVER RAVENWOLF, Llewellyn Worldwide interview


Just as an earthly garden needs constant attention, so, too, does our spiritual garden. When we first begin our journey of spirituality our garden is filled with all sorts of interesting items–it was not, after all, a fallow place before we sought to investigate what might be there and what we could possibly put in it. Everyone’s spiritual garden is different, because each individual is unique.

SILVER RAVENWOLF, A Witch’s Notebook: Lessons in Witchcraft

**A godswood is usually a small wooded area within the walls of castles throughout the Seven Kingdoms. It is primarily used as a place of worship by those who carry on the traditions of the First Men and pray to the old gods. To followers of the Faith of the Seven they are treated as a private wooded area of solitude**


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